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Our vision is simple and relative.


We GATHER to worship as a body of believers. We GROW as a fellowship through Bible Study to enable us to GO into our community, nation, and world to share the love of Jesus.

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The Gift of Time

Last night at our December-Advent fellowship supper…great eats by the way!…I was reminded again of the joys of pastoral ministry and the importance of spending time together. I chose to sit with Anna and Ashley-two of our younger youth…listening to Ashely talk about supporting her mom in worship as she led the prayers of the […]



Who rules the world in which you live-the world you read about on the front page or online or the evening news? Who or what rules, has authority in your life? Who sets your priorities? If Jesus is Lord of our lives, would we be any different?


Christmas Vision

Been pondering the congregation at Tyger River this Advent…past, present, future… While I’m not a young man chronologically seeing visions, I don’t consider myself an old man dreaming dreams either… Envisioning and wondering about the possibility of a wholeness and healing mini-worship service for all Tyger members of the past five years or more… Seems […]


Holidays and Holy Days

Tis the season to add events to your calendar…Thanksgiving relatives have returned (or maybe coming back!), extra office parties and luncheons, church sanctuary is ready for candlelight communion and “Silent Night,” baking to be done, tree(s) and house to decorate, shopping and gift buying-we are busy with the sentimentality of the season-and much of this […]


Feeling Thankful

Having missed the completion of church decorating for Advent and Christmas this past Sunday due to feeling puny, I am grateful and thankful for the youth and adult advisors Facebook pic. The dedication of John and Katie Wilbur, Sherry Boswell, Gerry Cieluch to the students and their caring for the congregation and each other is […]


Question: What does it mean for you?

What does the Incarnation, God with us, Emmanuel, the birth of Jesus, mean for you, for the world of 2014? Please post your responses on TheTyger.com or Facebook. See you Sunday… – Pastor Al

Recent Sermons

All I really Needed

Come to Rule Our Lives

“Come to Rule Our Lives” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina December 14, 2014 Inspired by: Colossians 3: 1-17 Sermon Robert Fulghum, a favorite author, has a great paraphrase  of peacemaking if overlaid with Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Writing in “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in […]

yoga man

Come To Set Us Free

“Come To Set Us Free” Sermon Delivered by Dr. Al Masters Tyger River Presbyterian Church Moore, South Carolina November 30, 2014 Inspired by: John 8:36 Sermon Context: Jesus is in the temple “discussing” with his Jewish followers the issue of slavery vs. freedom. Jews knew about slavery-part of their DNA. The specific issue here in John’s gospel […]


Emmanuel, Come

How will you and I respond to the Triune God this Advent season? Is there room in our hearts and on our iPhone calendars for Jesus to be born anew in us?